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Group Therapy

A treatment approach in which the therapist meets with more than one patient at the same time. In the case of family (group) psychotherapy the patients will be members of one family. In the case of couples (group) psychotherapy the patients will be married to each other. In group therapy the entire group participates. Usually, there is a group therapist or two, and these individuals make efforts to help put into words what group members are saying to each other. Often, comments are understood in terms of how people feel about being in the group itself. These feelings may be positive, as in how good it can feel to be a member of something bigger than one's self, and get the support of others who are going through similar things. Sometimes, people may feel intimidated, at least at first, about talking to a group of people rather than just one on one. One advantage of being in group therapy is that everyone gets a chance to be a leader, and to help others. Being useful in this way can help us develop more positive feelings about our self.This approach can be independent of any other psychotherapy, or it may be used to compliment work done simultaneously individually. Group therapists are not required to but should have received training in group psychotherapy during a residency or internship training program connected with a major teaching hospital (that is, one connected with a medical school).

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