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Biological Approach

In contrast to insight-oriented approaches, biological approaches usually involve (but are not limited to) the use of medications to deal with mental illness. Some specialists who favor this approach generally do not also employ insight-oriented approaches at all; others, however, employ medication together with insight-oriented approaches to psychotherapy simultaneously. An example of a biological approach would be if a patient is depressed the therapist may prescribe antidepressant medication. In some centers, the use of medication is felt to be sufficient by itself. In other centers, the medication is merely seen as useful in reducing the intensity of a key symptom, while creating a "window of opportunity" for learning during which the patient can come to understand a lot which may reduce the chances of their becomming depressed again to the same degree. Biological therapists are almost always M.D.'s who have the training and hence the privilege to prescribe and monitor medication.

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